Ağva Gizemli Nehir Otel


Agva was a transition point for many civilizations like Rome, Ottoman, Hittite and Phrygia. Remnants belong to B.A. 7th century can be found around Agva. Kalem village church and gravestones from Roman and Gürlek cave from 4th century and mountain mill in Sungurlu are important foundlings.
Konya, Karaman an Turkomans in Agva had come from Balıkesir in the middle of the 14th century.

Agva means ' the village between two rivers' and 'water2 in Latin language. Agva is located between Goksu and Yeşilçay Rivers. Goksu and Yesilcay Rivers flow through Agva and poured out Black Sea. Yesilcay is  a little harbour for fishermen in Agva. And there are lots of hotels near Goksu River. You kayak and sail by seabikes through the rivers. You can make tours through the rivers by hiking boats. Hacıllı village which is 12 kilometers from Agva is famous for cave waterfalls.

Kilimli and Kadırga bays are good for walking . 

The population in Agva is nearly 3000. But in summer the population is up to 10000. Agva is preferred by tourists from all over the world and Turkey.

Once upon a time Agva was under control of Roman, Genoa and Byzantium civilizations. Because of this Agva had a big part of Greek population.