Ağva Gizemli Nehir Otel

Ağva Gizemli Nehir Restoran

Our breakfast;
We serve our breakfast buffet every morning with Our variety of more than thirty.
Our buffet;
- Olive varieties
- Types of cheese
- Honey and jam varieties
- Milk and breakfast cereals
- Bagels, assorted
- Cucumbers, tomatoes, green peppers and fresh varieties
- Home of acuka
- Milk, fruit juices

And there is more.

Right in your eggs to your liking, sausage, scrambled eggs, served at your table as menemen options.

La carte restaurant is serving between 12 noon and evening 23 you are able to order the food on the menu at any time.

Our kitchen;
- Seafood according to the season
- Sea bream, sea bass grilled
- Lamb chops
- Veal entrecote
- The mixed grill
- Meatball
- Hair roasting
- Chicken chop
- Chicken fillet
- Calamari, shrimp
- Olive oil
- Our salad varieties
- Our appetizers
- Our Search for hot (Hunter pastry, paçanga, non-pastry)
As our services will be at your service throughout the day.

with prices of all our food and drinks menu is written as transparent.